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Sunny Energy’s Joe Cunningham Lectures at ASU on the Future of Solar 

Sunny Energy’s Joe Cunningham Lectures at ASU on the Future of Solar  Sunny Energy co-founder Joe Cunningham gave a guest lecture at Arizona State University’s PSM-SEEC (Professional Science Master Solar Energy Engineering & Commercialization) program on the future of solar,

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Sunny Energy is Arizona’s Best Solar Company

Sunny Energy is Arizona's Best Solar Company It’s time for you to pay less for your electricity, keep the lights on during power outages and break free from utility rate hikes, using solar from Arizona’s best solar company, Sunny

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APS Solar Incentive Extended for a Year!

September 23, 2020 – The Arizona Corporation Commission approved a request by Sunny Energy, and other solar companies, through the Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association, to extend one of the most important utility incentives for homeowners who want solar in

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The Declining Solar Tax Credit: What You Need To Know

The Declining Solar Tax Credit: What You Need To Know And why you shouldn’t wait One of the many reasons why the solar industry has seen a massive expansion in the past decade is primarily due to both state and

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Sunny Energy Featured on 2020 Top Solar Contractors List

Sunny Energy Featured on 2020 Top Solar Contractors List Solar Power World magazine’s annual list includes Tempe-based solar installer (Tempe, Ariz. -- September 1, 2020)—Although the COVID-19 pandemic is the immediate crisis unfolding at the moment, mitigating climate change is

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How to save on your utility bill during off-peak hours for APS and SRP customers

As the hot summer months approach in the Valley of the Sun, APS and SRP customers are noticing a huge spike in their utility bills. On May 1, aka “May Day,” every year, APS and SRP transition from low winter rates to high cost summer rates, just in time for the start of hot weather and the use of air conditioning to stay cool.  

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How Many Panels Do You Need for Your Home? 

“How big should my solar system be?” …. “How many panels do I need?”… These are questions we hear quite often.  Determining how many panels you will need stems directly from your goals. Do you want to eliminate your utility

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Sometimes it seems solar gets a bad rap.  But why? Producing your own clean, smart and reliable energy allows you to obtain freedom from utility companies— and their rising rates. It saves you thousands on your energy bill and also

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Federal Solar Tax Credit…. Explained

Federal Solar Tax Credit…. Explained Why going solar by New Year’s Eve could save you big! We have been discussing the federal solar tax credit for a while now, but what does it really mean? How can you benefit? What

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Battery Storage: Reliable Power When You Need it

It’s no secret that solar panel systems have become one of the fastest-growing sources of energy in the United States. In fact, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the solar market is expected to more than double in size

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Celebrating Energy Freedom and Independence This Fourth of July

Independence Day – a patriotic holiday filled with family barbecues, fireworks, parades and honoring the red, white and blue. It is a day to celebrate what it means to be American. And for us, that also means celebrating our freedom,

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Sunny Energy wants to help you and your home be smart by using and storing clean energy.-Sonoran Living

Sunny Energy is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living Headline: 3 Steps to Creating a Smart Energy Home As temperatures rise, it is time to get smart about your energy. Being Energy Smart means creating your own clean energy, storing

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Environmental benefits to going solar.- The Arizona 100

With Earth Day upon us, there’s no better time to explore the myriad environmental and health benefits to going solar. Unlike conventional energy, which relies on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, solar energy does not emit any harmful pollutants

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Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC): What You Need To Know

Solar is more popular than ever before. Sunny Energy can help homeowners in the Phoenix, Arizona and Sacramento, California area save money on their electric bills and help save the […]

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