The Best Solar Options for
Arizona Homeowners

Solar in the Valley of the Sunny Energy

Sunny days mean expensive utility bills! Did you know that the sun shines in Phoenix, Arizona 296 days out of the year? It’s no wonder they call it the Valley of the Sun. By living in one of the sunniest places in the U.S., it is the perfect opportunity to benefit from solar. You can make your own clean energy, reduce your sky-high utility bills, and increase the value of your home. Arizona offers unique incentives – our team will help you design the right system to meet your goals and show you all the ways you can get help paying for it.

Arizona Incentives

  • Federal

    26% Federal Tax Credit:

    Until December 31st, qualified homeowners can receive a 26% Federal Tax Credit.

  • credit

    $ 1,000 State Tax Credit:

    The state of Arizona wants to encourage more homeowners to install solar and is offering $1,000 in the form of a tax credit off your Arizona State taxes.

  • battery

    SRP Battery Storage Incentive:

    SRP is offering an incentive of approximately $ 2,800 to homeowners that install battery storage along with their solar system. There are a limited number of these incentives available and they are being allocated on a first come first serve basis.

  • rate

    APS Net Export Rate:

    This is not always thought of as an incentive and is not as obvious as a tax credit or cash payment but it is quite generous financial incentive. APS is mandated to compensate homeowners that export solar energy at a higher rate than they would otherwise pay for energy generated from other sources.

Available $1,000 Arizona State Tax Credit


Available 26% Federal Tax Credit on the total cost of your system

What Arizona Homeowners are Saying

Sunny Energy is an honest and helpful solar company. I was surprised at how simple this process was. I feel like we're making a small impact in a world that needs renewable energy. Plus, we're making a significant impact to our energy savings. Sunny Energy came, answered all my questions, and helped me to best understand how to utilize my solar production during peak hours. I would highly recommend Sunny Energy.

Wade O., Maricopa, AZ

Funding Solutions to Suit Your Needs

We offer numerous no money down financing options to suit almost any budget and homeowner objectives. There are three main ways to pay for your solar system:


No money down loans is the most popular way for homeowners to go solar.

Terms range from 5 to 25 years and interest rates range from 1.99% to 4.49%. All loans offer fixed interest rates and no prepayment penalties. Enjoy all of the benefits of ownership and keep the incentives. It’s important to remember that this is not an additional payment. You are replacing a portion of your current bill, with a new, usually lower monthly payment for your solar system.


Cash Purchase.

Those that elect to pay cash for their system enjoy a fantastic return on their investment.


No Money Down Lease.

This is generally the best option for those that want to go solar, but cannot use the federal or state tax credits. With a lease you transfer the ownership of the system and associated tax credits to a finance company in exchange for a low monthly payment.

Fun Facts

  • Highest reputation with Arizona Registrar of Contractors (License #301018).
  • Our process is clear and transparent from start to finish. A+ BBB and consumer review site ratings.
  • We handle everything in house from design to HOA approval, all the way through installation.
  • We use highest quality components from Tier 1 manufacturers for all installs.
  • Our business is focused on long-term sustainability, not short term profit.
  • We provide a comprehensive proposal optimized for each property, comprehensive financing options, reasonable prices and realistic savings
  • Certified partner for leading solar technology manufacturers including Panasonic, REC, and LG Chem, to name a few.

Homeowner’s Guide to Solar

Going solar can be overwhelming – we don’t think it has to be. Get in the know.