As the cost of electricity from the grid continues to climb, solar has become more affordable. It’s

no wonder that more than a million Americans have installed solar on their home. And with

powerful battery storage options available, homeowners are finding they can now leverage the

power of the sun 24 hours a day.

But despite the obvious savings on electricity bills, the strong return on investment, and the

positive impact on the environment, buying solar can be overwhelming. With pesky salesmen

and conflicting messages, some homeowners are becoming so overwhelmed they’re missing

out on the benefits of solar.

To help you learn if solar is right for you and to ensure you get the right system for your home

and family, we’ve compiled a Homeowner’s Guide to Solar. We pulled together content from

several national solar consumer guides, combined with a little of our own experience, to make

this comprehensive guide that addresses the questions we hear the most from consumers.

Organizations, such as the Solar Energy Industry Association and the North

American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners have provided extensive

consumer information that we used. This guide was put together to help you get the most sunny

energy by making you a better-informed consumer.

Download here: