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We’re a passionate team of industry veterans, world-class solar technicians, and experts in helping homeowners save money and reduce their impact on the environment. We started Sunny Energy to create a better solar experience for homeowners.

Sunny Energy

We’re committed to the whole customer experience, from contract to years after installation. I love taking care of my clients. Sunny Energy’s customer-first means even when there is a concern, we have a strong commitment to resolving issues to our client’s satisfaction - giving me the freedom of providing our clients with the best possible solutions. I have developed long lasting friendships with many of our clients. They are diverse, very interesting, and share my passion for renewable energy - so I never have a boring day. I must say, that is the greatest perk of my job!

Melanie Love

Customer Service Manager

I really enjoy being out in the field and meeting new families. I am the first face our customers see when the initial process of solar installation begins. I love hearing their stories and how excited they are about having solar on their home. I feel great knowing that I am helping each family improve their way of living by becoming eco-friendly and saving money and I am honored to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to helping families take control of their future.

Charlie Lane

Site Technician

Being the project manager at Sunny Energy has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’ve been able to watch and help our company grow and expand over the past few years. From adapting to the advancement in technology to working with the local jurisdictions and utility companies, we’ve been able to act according to the needs of our customers so that we can provide the best products and services available. I’ve always wanted to work in an industry that I can wake up in the morning and be excited to go into the office every day. The renewable energy field has done that for me. Not only are we helping the environment, but we’re also helping people in our community save money.

Steve Lemon

Project Manager

We’re looking for Solar Technicians and Solar Consultants

 to join our team in the Phoenix, Arizona and Davis, California areas. Apply here. Don’t see the right job? Tell us why you would be a great fit for our team.

  • Solar Support Specialist

    Tempe, Arizona | Davis, California
    We’re looking for Solar Support Specialists to help homeowners go solar in the Phoenix, Arizona and Davis, California areas. Join our team of industry veterans, certified installers, and the best customer support team in the industry. As a Sunny Energy Solar Support Specialist, you’ll provide a vital link between our main office and customers, during and after the installation of their solar system. Your responsibilities will include satisfying customer needs through communication, training, and task follow through. In this role, you’re responsible for providing complete customer satisfaction with every solar system installed. Responsibilities:
    • Customer communication 
    • Working with the operations team on customer follow up
    • Solar system operation and expectation training
    • Customer surveys
    • Requesting customer feedback, reviews, and referrals
    • Constructive feedback to Sunny Energy management for process improvement
    • 50% or more field work
    This is an exciting opportunity for an ambitious professional interested in learning the business of solar energy, and energy sustainability, in general. We will train the qualified candidate in all aspects of solar energy generating systems to the extent required to answer customer questions, explain how their solar system works, and teach them how to operate and care for their system. Solar customers are investing in a solar system expected to last 25 years or more.  Their complete satisfaction at the time of their installation, and throughout the life of the system, is our number one priority and the primary objective of this position. Part of this job will be in our Tempe office, but most of it will be in the field visiting with customers throughout the Phoenix area. This is a full time position, and time flexibility for some customer schedules may be necessary. Qualifications: 
    • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
    • Excellent verbal and written skills
    • Ability to travel to and work at various job sites (customer’s homes) throughout the Phoenix area, and occasionally outside the area.
    • A strong desire to learn the business of solar, renewable energy, and energy management and sustainability
    • Prior experience or training in solar energy, energy management, or sustainability is very helpful, but not required
    Sunny Energy offers competitive compensation, bonus opportunities, and employee benefits such as paid vacation, holiday, and personal days, health insurance, dental and vision insurance, and a 401K with company matching contributions. Join our team today! Apply here.

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