Going Solar

Your electricity bills are too high…and electricity is getting more expensive. But you’re at the mercy of your utility company and rates aren’t going down. What’s worse is that energy made by utilities comes at a high cost – our planet and our health.

But the Sun produces more energy in an hour than humanity uses in an entire year.

More than 2 Million Homeowners Go Solar

As the cost of electricity from the grid continues to climb, solar has become more affordable. So it’s no wonder that more than 2 million Americans have installed solar on their home. And with powerful battery storage options available, homeowners are finding they can now leverage the power of the sun 24 hours a day. But despite the obvious savings on electricity bills, the strong return on investment, and the positive impact on the environment, buying solar can be overwhelming. To help you learn if solar is right for you and to ensure you get the right system for your home and family, we’ve compiled this resource page. Have questions? Contact us! We’re happy to help!

374,000 American Jobs

Solar employs more people in US electricity generation than oil, coal, and gas combined.

According to the US Energy and Jobs Report

According to Zillow, homes with solar sell for 4% more

What other home improvement pays for itself, then pays you more, AND increases your home’s value?

No Money Down Financing & Government Incentives Available!

We offer many different no-money-down financing options to suit almost any budget. We offer financing options that allow you to take advantage of added savings with the Federal Tax Credit. We also offer a variety of leasing options so that you can get the best financing for your needs and goals.


Why are you considering solar?


Save money on electric bills


Reduce carbon footprint


Break free of utility monopoly


Security for your family


My neighbors have solar and I’m curious about it

Homeowner’s Guide to Solar

Going solar can be overwhelming – we don’t think it has to be. Get in the know.


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