As the hot summer months approach in the Valley of the Sun, APS customers are noticing a huge spike in their utility bills. Some APS customers don’t know that they can lower their utility bills by using most of their energy during off-peak hours.

What are off-peak hours?

APS customers on the TOU-E Saver Choice rate plan are charged about $.11 per kWh during off-peak hours, verses about $.25 per kWh if the consumer were to use electricity during on-peak hours. Off-peak hours for APS customers are weekdays Monday-Friday 8pm-3pm, all day Saturday and Sunday, and most holidays.

APS customers can take advantage of the off-peaks hours in several ways:

1. Do your chores during off-peak hours

Do your chores later in the day, after you eat dinner or before you go to bed, when you wake up in the morning and on weekends. Running the dishwasher or doing laundry late at night, earlier in the day or on the weekend can help you save more on your electricity costs.

2. Use ceiling fans

When you leave your home during on-peak hours, adjust your thermostat and leave your ceiling fans on. This will allow your home to maintain reasonable temperatures and use less demand from the grid.

3. Take advantage of rate plans offered by APS

Saver Choice plans offered by APS allow consumers to adjust their energy use to fit their lifestyle while also taking advantage of lower cost off-peak hours. There are three different plans available: Saver Choice Tech, Saver Choice Max and Saver Choice Plus.

For more information about Saver Choice plans visit here:

4. Combine rate plans with solar + battery storage

Combining solar and battery storage with rate plans, such as Saver Choice Tech or Saver Choice Max, will help you save energy during on-peak hours and use more of the energy you produce during off-peak hours.

  • Saver Choice Tech and Saver Choice Max rate plans

These rate plans are for consumers who are looking to expand their savings even more with solar + battery systems. These rate plans have three different parts: a demand charge, an energy charge for the amount of energy used, and a basic service charge. The energy charge is as low as $.04 per kWh, keeping the overall cost down as long as demand is managed during peak hours.

5. Contact Sunny Energy

Sunny Energy can help Phoenix homeowners save money during both on-peak and off-peak hours by installing solar + battery storage on their home. Sunny Energy was named a top solar installer by Solar Reviews and a top solar contractor by Solar Power World.

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