Protect Your Family with Solar + Battery

Get $1500 CASH BACK after install of a battery + solar solution or $1000 CASH BACK on solar.

*May not be combined with any other offers, and only valid for new purchases after March 31, 2020



In uncertain times, preparation is key! Homeowners are going solar to create their own energy and use battery storage to protect their family if the grid goes down for any reason.


What happens if you wait to see if you should buy solar in a few months? 

  •  You are far down the backlog list of work. 
  • Utility rates change – APS is due to change on September 1.
  • You lose the Federal tax credit this year if you can’t get installed by December 31




What’s the risk in making a decision to buy solar now? There is none. 

  • You start saving as soon as it’s installed. 
  • If you buy battery storage, you’re all set if the grid goes out. 
  • You take advantage of the full 26% Federal tax credit, and the $1,000 state tax credit. 
  • You take advantage of the Sunny Energy rebate.
  • SRP customers can earn an SRP rebate of up to $3,600 for battery storage. 
  •  And, Sunny Energy will let you cancel your contract at any time prior to installation.  In fact, we’ll give you notice at least one week ahead of your installation and we’ll remind you that it’s not too late to cancel.

Our investment in your project starts when you sign a contract, and we lose these costs if you cancel, so why would we do this?  We understand these are uncertain times, but we firmly believe in the security and independence of producing and using your own clean energy, relying less on the utility grid.  We’re willing to take that chance with you, as long as you’re willing to put your trust in us.

$ 1,000 State Tax Credit

The state of Arizona wants to encourage more homeowners to install solar and is offering $1,000 in the form of a tax credit off your Arizona State taxes.

Federal Tax Credit

26% Federal Tax Credit: Until December 31st, qualified homeowners can receive a 26% Federal Tax Credit.

Benefits of Battery Storage


By using a battery to backup critical loads, you will ensure that your family has power in the event of the grid being down.


No matter what the utility companies do to reduce solar incentives, eliminate net metering or increase rates, solar with storage helps you become more independent, and helps reduce your utility costs.


Increase your savings by charging your batteries with your solar system, then discharging your batteries during peak usage times when energy is more expensive.


Electricity stored in your batteries can reduce your demand, especially during peak, high cost times, reducing your overall utility costs.