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    Our Services

    Our Services

    Sunny Energy for All of Your Solar Needs

    Here at Sunny Energy, we are dedicated to helping homeowners save money on their electric bills. We believe in delivering superior performance by using the best design, installation, equipment, and financing options. We also offer repairs and services for your existing solar electric systems, even if we didn’t install it for you.

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    Solar Installation

    Sunny Energy provides homeowners the option of producing their own clean and inexpensive energy when they buy or lease a solar system. Join our list of thousands of satisfied solar customers by hiring our expert team to design and build your perfect system.


    Looking to get solar on your home? Sunny Energy has you covered with many different financing options that do not require a down payment and with interest rates as low as 2.99%.  Unlike a solar lease, these financing options allow you to take advantage of 30% savings with a Federal tax credit and an additional $1,000 savings with an Arizona State tax credit.  Sunny Energy also offers very attractive lease options for anybody not able to use the tax credits.

    Battery Storage

    Battery storage allows you to use solar energy when the sun is not shining, especially during peak utility cost periods.  Battery storage can also be used to power critical loads in your home during utility outages.  Sunny Energy’s integrated solar, battery storage and energy management systems will help you maximize your return on investment, and provided added security for your family.

    Energy Management

    Solar alone may not be the most cost-effective solution for some consumers considering their utility rate policies.  Energy management tools can help you automate energy use, grid demand and household comfort.  SRP or APS customers on demand based rate plans can enjoy the greatest savings possible with an integrated solar, energy management, and battery storage system.

    Services And Repair

    Sunny Energy employees perform all warranty, repair and maintenance services as required for optimal performance of your solar system. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you feel there is anything that needs attention, or if you just have questions.

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    Solar systems give you the ability to produce it’s own clean, pure energy from the sun, while saving money on your utility bills!

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