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    Tired of paying too much on your electric bill? Are you frustrated with the constant rate hikes? Do you want to lower your carbon footprint?

    We’re Sunny Energy of California– a residential solar company that has helped thousands of homeowners save money on their electric bills and take control of their own personal energy.

    We believe in delivering superior performance by using the best design, installation, equipment, and financing options and that starts with YOU. We take the time to understand you, your home, and your goals so we can design and install the best solution for you and your family. We offer the latest technology, flexible financing for nearly any budget and 100% Made in USA options.

    Why Solar?

    Save Energy, Save Money

    While lowering your electricity costs, you are also protecting yourself against the rising electricity prices in the future.

    Save the Planet

    With solar power, you’re generating clean electricity instead of burning fossil fuels, which can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Be Part of the Solution

    Going solar grants you the freedom of choosing how you get your energy, and that choice helps reduce the U.S dependence on foreign energy!

    Earn a Great Return on Your Investment

    Solar is the only home improvement that pays for itself, and continues paying after it is paid off.

    Why Sunny Energy of California?


    Combined 40 years of PV solar experience, over 3,000 systems installed.


    Better Business Bureau Accredited and A+ rated.


    Owned by a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Certified Installation Professional.


    Recognized nationally as a top solar contractor consecutively for the past three years by Solar Power World and Solar Reviews

    What Our Customers Have To Say

    I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Sunny Energy for exceeding my expectations regarding the purchase and installation of my home solar system. When I initially approached Sunny Energy, I had very little understanding of how a solar system worked, the cost of a system, return on investment and all of the other benefits of going solar. We had an excellent Sales Representative who was very knowledgeable and was able to present me with a very compelling rationale for moving forward with the purchase. Once the contract was signed, Sunny Energy took over and professionally managed the entire installation. The site survey, system design, permits, physical installation, connection to the utility company and turning the system on was all handled by Sunny Energy with little or no involvement on my part. Once the system was installed, I was thoroughly trained on how to the use monitoring system which I happen to find very useful. If I had to select a solar system vendor again, and knowing what I know today, there would be absolutely no hesitation on my part in selecting Solar Energy. Needless to say, I highly recommend Sunny Energy to anyone considering an investment in solar.

    Fran B.

    We had a great experience throughout our solar installation. We had questions along the way and our calls were answered promptly every time. We did a lot of investigating before we decided but looking back it is a no brainer. From the beginning Sunny kept us informed on where we were in the process from the first permit to the final turn on. We have been pleasantly surprised with the way the system is running.

    Ron P.

    I've had my solar system installed for approximately 8 months now. If someone were to ask me if I had the opportunity to purchase my system again would I purchase it from Sunny Energy...….My answer would be 'absolutely, without a doubt'. Sunny did everything right starting with the sales process, installation and the commissioning process. All I was required to do was let Sunny Energy take care of everything. Now that the system has been up and running for 8 months, the system is doing everything I was told it would do. My electric bills are virtually nothing but fees and the payback of 7.9 to 8.0 years is tracking to what I was told. All of this validated the design Sunny Energy came up with and all I can say in closing is that Sunny Energy exceeded my expectations in all areas.

    John B.

    Learn Why Other Homeowners Have Chosen Us Our goal is simple: Better choices for you, better savings and a better customer experience.

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